'Round and 'Round we go!

This story took place a year or two before Becky got married. Again, just to good not to tell even though it was so long ago!

One summer night Becky was driving home from her part time job she had at an Ice Cream Parlor. We lived in Maine at the time. She was driving along her normal route and came to the end of a road where she was suppose to take a right hand turn. Instead, she took a left hand turn. She continued driving along thinking she is going in the correct direction and sees familiar landmarks of the town the Ice Cream Parlor was in (we lived a couple of towns away). Confused, she begins thinking, "I'll just get back on the normal route I take." Again, she arrived at the end of the road that she was suppose to take a right hand turn at and I bet you can't guess what she did. Yep, you guessed it, she took another left hand turn. Once again she begins to see the familiar landmarks of the town she has been trying to leave and decides that they must be doing construction or something along the route home and it must look different. She proceeds to the route home only this time, paying much more close attention, she arrives at the end of the road. She realizes that there is no construction. She just took the wrong turn ---twice!! We were amazed she even made it home that night.