Where did I put my bed?

This story takes place when Becky and I were kids.

Let me set up this story by first saying that Mom use to like to change the furniture around a lot. Becky and our youngest sister, Donna, shared a bedroom with bunkbeds. This particular day Mom had changed the furniture in their bedroom.

Here's the story --Have you ever been suddenly awakened by "noises in the night"? Well, I had an experience like this growing up with Becky. All was quite and all occupants were sound asleep, or so I thought. Suddenly I'm awakened by this big "thud" sound. I start to doze off to sleep and I hear it again. I believe I heard the big "thud" once more before all was silent again. In the morning we learned of the mystery behind the "thud". Sometime during the night Becky needed to use the "little girls room". She returned to her room, decides to jump from the scatter rug that she thinks is right beside her bed, and falls flat on the floor - "thud". A little dazed and confused she decides to try it again but misses - "thud". So she tries one more time, misses again - "thud". I don't remember if she finally made it onto the bed or decided to sleep on the floor. We asked her why she jumped from the rug rather than just crawling back into bed. She said, "I didn't want the "monsters" under the bed to grab my ankles".

Several years later a longtime and great friend of the family, Ernie, was the MC for Becky and her now husband Mike's wedding reception. After Ernie delivers the story above, he proceeds to draw everyones attention to an area of orange cones with flashlights lit up under them. He had set these up as an illustration of runway lights at an airport. He said to Mike, "These lights are a gift to make sure Becky finds her way to their bed."